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Privacy Policy

Brisbane Gynaecology and IVF Privacy Policy

The Privacy Amendment Act 2000 was enacted on 21 December 2001.  This act regulates the way that private sector organisations collect, use, hold and disclose personal information.  Our Practice respects your right to privacy and the information we collect is used as detailed below:

  1. The information collected will be used for the purpose of providing you with quality healthcare.
  2. Personal information such as your name, address, email address and contact numbers will be used for the purpose of contacting you to for the purpose of Billing, Appointments, Medicare and Private Insurance Needs.
  3. We may disclose your health information to other health care professionals, or require it from them if, in our judgment, that is necessary in the context of your treatment. In that event, disclosure of your personal details will be kept to a minimal.
  4. We may make use of your unidentified health information for research purposes, in study groups or at seminars as this may provide a benefit to other patient. Please let us know if you do not want your records accessed for these purposes.
  5. Your medical history and any other material relevant to your treatment will be kept at our practice. You may request copies of our records of your treatment, or seek an explanation from the doctor.

If any of your personal information changes, we encourage you to inform our practice so we can update our records accordingly.

We will be treating your personal information with the utmost confidentiality.  Disclosure will not be made to any person not involved in either your treatment or the administration of this practice, without your consent. You may request a copy of our privacy policy from our reception by calling 1300 883 560.